Michigan Fly Fishing Guides for the Muskegon River Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. Muskegon River.

Michigan Fly Fishing Guides for the Muskegon River Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. Muskegon River.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fishing Report Forecast -  August - September Muskegon River

King Salmon -  As summer winds to an end and the leaves begin to change, our focus changes toward the annual migration of Chinook salmon on the Muskegon River. Cooler nights and colder water temperatures bring Chinook salmon into the lower ends of the river near Muskegon Lake, Mill Iron and Giles rd. Throughout the lower sections near Anderson Flat to Bridgton offer some excellent Thundersticking for Kings! Casting crankbaits for Kings is a great way to cover water in search of vicious head shakers! Best colors for salmon usually have some sort of kelly green, Fire Tiger or clown colors are excellent choices.
    Kings are running much larger this season due to a bountiful Alewive populations. We typically spool spinning rods with 30lb Power Pro Braided lines, or 15lb Berkley Big Game clear monofilament, 9' med- heavy spinning rods, and reels with a smooth drag. Remember to save your salmon skein for upcoming steelhead in November.
Resident River Trout - Trout follow the salmon throughout the river as though in search of mother's milk! Trout key big time on the spawning Chinook salmon. As salmon dig gravel, vast amounts of nymphs, larvae, and eggs are kicked up. Trophy Brown trout and nice rainbows are often caught at this time along with the occasional skipper steelhead, hanging behind the salmon. Light spinning or fly rods are the preferred tackle, fishing with small spawn sacks, egg patterns, or caddis nymphs all work well. Finding spawning salmon equals great trout fishing!
   Smallmouth Bass - Smallmouth & Walleye also put on the feed bag during late summer and fall. Casting crayfish colored crank baits or soft plastics is a sure way to get bit. Number 5 Shad raps in pearl or perch colors for the walleyes. Perch fishing can also be great. Minnows also begin to school this time of year so bait balls produce big catches of walleye and smallmouth.

Capt. Chad Betts
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